“I initially engaged Amadea to help strengthen my name as an artist (i.e enhance my artist statement and provide portfolio guidance) and to leverage her vast experience and expertise.
What I received from her coaching far exceeded my objectives.

Amadea gently pushed me to explore dimensions of my world that felt forbidden. This opened my world. Her exercises enabled me to value the artist behind the canvas. Most importanty, she taught me to trust and follow my intuition. Her guidance permanently shifted my perspective.

I found words insufficiently describe the light she has brought into my life. As a coach, Amadea is fearless, nurturing and empowering. She has genuine grace and strength about her that radiates from within.

My artistry has evolved to another level. My collectors were thrilled and eager to see more new work and I have sigificantly more followers. One collector commented that ‘ new work channels a more liberated soul that engages with the viewer at an unconscious level.’Amadea’s influence was required for me to realize this growth so quickly.

I believe there are few great teachers in our world and Amadea is one of them. I am grateful to have her as mentor in my life.”


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I met Amadea on the internet and from that chance meeting she became my life and art coach. At the beginning of our working relationship, Amadea asked me “what specifically do you want from me as your life coach? I answered that I needed confidence in trusting my own artistic judgment and I wanted to go to the next level in the business. Amadea not only helped me create a strategic plan, she empowered me to commit to that plan and then meticulously guided me as I accomplished each step. In 90 days I completed 14 paintings, compiled a professional portfolio, launched a beautiful website, and obtained gallery representation at the 570 Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA and New York, NY. I am so proud of the results of our collaboration; my decision to work with and invest in Amadea as a “life and art” coach has truly changed my life like no other.
Patricia Turner
Georgetown, Texas


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Being an artist is such a solitary pursuit and it was amazing to have the experience of being guided by someone who has walked this road before and has so much wisdom to share.Working with Amadea was AMAZING. Her loving support, enthusiasm, and unwavering belief in my ability to take my art career to the next level was PRICELESS! She really took me by the hand! First we did some inner work and took a deep, clear look at my art career and how I value myself. This was a direct reflection of where I was at with my work. Then we had weekly practical steps/assignments that were designed to meet my particular needs: writing a new bio, learning how to describe and talk about my art (this might seem simple but I realized the huge significance of it ). We also took time to look at my pricing. I realized that I needed to be more clear and saw where I needed to raise my prices. For me, this was particularly applicable to my larger paintings. I ended up raising my pricesand as a result: I SOLD more paintings! My appreciation of my paintings has shifted enormously. I now see and value them in a totally new light. I feel like I have finally befriended the business side of art. I have new confidence in myself and in my career. I see clearly the steps that are needed to further it even more. And I am ENJOYING the journey!
THANK YOU Amadea!!!



Working with Amadea helped take me to a whole new level as an artist. She helped me get clear about many aspects of my career from pricing to creating a newsletter to writing my artist statement. When I first began working with her I was selling a medium sized painting for $250. I felt that was what I deserved and that no one would pay any more than that. As Amadea worked with me I started to realise my true potential and just how precious my style was. I had not been taking myself seriously enough and as our sessions grew this all started to change. Myself esteem and confidence sky rocketed and I really started to talk about my art in a different way. Now after a few months working with Amadea my full time career as an artist has done a 360 degree flip and my art is booming. My prices have gone from $250 to $2500 and all the way up to $7000. In fact I recently had a $7600 day!!!!! I never imagined that this could happen to me. Thank-you Amadea for your patience, love and guidance. I will be forever grateful that the universe has brought us together.


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I wanted to work with Amadea because I needed help transitioning back into an art practice that I had put aside almost two decades earlier. There were lots of issues that I needed to look at in order to open the space for making art again. Amadea skillfully guided and encouraged me through that process. Our work together ranged from discussing deeper stuff like what it is to be an artist; what it is to be inspired, to be in touch with one’s creativity, to planning pragmatic processes such as how to nurture and sustain a viable studio practice. We did not talk about the career of being an artist because that was not my focus this time around. Nevertheless, I suspect that Amadea would be quite helpful with that process. In the end, I was able to make the transition from not making art to initiating an ongoing studio practice. Amadea proved to be the effective, thoughtful – and fairly delightful – ‘midwife’ for that process! I recommend her highly.